100 mg CBD E-Liquid Has Arrived!

If 420 Vape Juice had a physical location, there’d be a line wrapped around the block as if Apple had just announced its newest iPhone could transform into a hoverboard and came with free healthcare!

100 Mg VapesWe’re pumped to announce that our new line of 100mg CBD e-liquid is here! It’s the same top-grade quality you’ve come to expect from our other concentrations, the 30- and 60 mg, lovingly crafted with the same care and attention to detail that has made 420 Vape Juice your go-to e-liquid supplier for years.

Yes, you’ve been asking for it for more than a year—maybe you thought we weren’t listening, but we heard you, all the way up the ladder to our top brass. Rob Johnston, our Director of Operations, said this: “Raising the CBD concentration was important to us because high concentration CBD products are sought after by the general public and we want people to be able to safely and legally experiment with CBD in their personal health regimen.

So all this time, we’ve been busy concocting the perfect response to your demands. Here’s why it took so long for us to bring it to you:

100 mg per 10 ml bottle is an extraordinary jump in potency from 30 mg per 10 ml. We’re talking, like, 66 percent. And while we could stuff that higher concentration in a bottle and ship it, and you could reap the benefits of a nearly 70 percent increase in Cannabidiol extract. The simple fact of the matter is that an infusion of 99.999% pure, cold-pressed, industrial hemp oil just doesn’t taste that great by itself. And 420 Vape Juice is not going to sell you a product, no matter how effective, that we don’t think you’ll enjoy vaping. Because otherwise, what’s the point, right? So we took the time to dream up a panorama of nuanced flavors, experimented with different combinations and concentrations, and elevated their intensity to balance out the potency of the 100 mg CBD liquid. The result? A new e-liquid-gold standard of excellence in CBD vaping.

Now you can enjoy an enhanced level of CBD benefits—using less juice. No time for a long, relaxing vape session to help you achieve the centeredness and well-being you need to be your best, most productive self? The higher concentration is perfect for shorter, periodic vapes throughout your busy day.

As always, we here at 420 Vape Juice are committed to improving your state of being by offering you a range of reliable, quality-tested products that complement your personal lifestyle brand. Our CBD e-liquids can be enjoyed with any low-voltage rechargeable vaping pen, and are available in a palette of flavors: Mango Kush, Dank Dragonfruit, Strawberry Diesel, Pineapple Express, Krankin Kiwi, Blueberry Dream, Bad Ass Banana, Ice Cold Menthol, Amaretto Coffee, The Purps, Fruit Loopz, Watermelon Haze, and Bubba Kush. Relax, it’s 420.