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CBD Oil: Just Tell Me Already—Is It Legal or Not?

If you’re one of our loyal customers, then you know what we’re all about: we want to provide safe, health-promoting products to improve your quality of life in a world that’s increasingly stressful and time-constrained. And if you’ve been vaping with us for a while, you’ve heard some of the kerfuffle surrounding CBD and the […]

100 mg CBD E-Liquid Has Arrived!

If 420 Vape Juice had a physical location, there’d be a line wrapped around the block as if Apple had just announced its newest iPhone could transform into a hoverboard and came with free healthcare! We’re pumped to announce that our new line of 100mg CBD e-liquid is here! It’s the same top-grade quality you’ve […]


THE NEWEST PRODUCT FROM 420 VAPE JUICE Why did we choose a wax form for our newest product? The potency and strength of pure CBD extracts usually come in 2 forms, wax or CBD Vape oil. Our new regular and maximum strength 420 Dabs are in and come in 24% (240 mg) and 18% (180 […]